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Absorb heals Nautica when she is healing others teammates.

The card have a 35 seconds of charge time.


Bident invoke a secondary energy weapon for Nautica. That weapon create a beam of energy and deals 15 damage at a fast rate of fire. Bident have 40 ammunition.

The charge time for the card is 30 seconds.


Conch of Fallen Heroes card allow Nautica to revive any teammates in range. Revived teammates will respawn near their body at half health.

This card have a 25 secondes charge time.


Invoke Cyclone Staff an energy type weapon for Nautica. The weapon have 15 ammo, a medium range and a slow rate of fire. The card have a charge rate of 30 seconds.


Add a flat +2 damage to Nautica when her Sea Star is on cooldown. Applies to every type of damage Nautica can provide. This card have a charge time of 35 seconds.


The Drop in the Ocean card allow Nautica to bypass the respawn timer. This card can be used while alive to instantly respawn next death. The card have a 5 second charge time.


Manifest Fury will deal 20 damage in a small radius when Nautica manifests (Sea Star, Whale of a Time) expire or is destroyed. The card have a 35 seconds charge time.


Manifest Gift creates health orb when Nautica manifestation (Sea Star or Whale of a Time) expired or got destroyed. The card have a 30 seconds charge time.


Oceans Boon will double every Nautica healing effect for 15 seconds or until death.

The charge time for the card is 15 seconds.


Enemies hit by Nautica while Poisoned Waters is active will receive 10 damage per seconds over a duration of 3 seconds. The card is active for 45 seconds or until Nautica dies.


Allies healed by Nautica for 50 HP while Seas Bounty is active will drop an health orb. The effect last 25 seconds or until death. This card has a 10 seconds charge time.


Enemies touching Nautica's manifestations (Sea Star, Whale of a Time) will receive 4 damages per seconds over 3 seconds. This card have a 30 seconds charge time.


The card will instantly teleport Nautica to her last death location. If Nautica hasn't died before using it, she will be transported to the middle of the map. This card have a charge time of 5 seconds.


This card will invoke trident, a secondary weapon for Nautica . Trident is an energy weapon that can heal allies for 20 hp per ammo or damage enemies for 10 hp. Trident have 50 ammunition, it creates a short but wide beam. Healing or damaging effect depends on which mouse button is pressed, by default left click will heal teammates, while right click will damage enemies.

This card have a charge time of 30 seconds.


Invoke Water Ring a secondary weapon for Nautica . Water Ring is an energy weapon that will heal allies or damage enemies from 10 to 100 hp depending on the charge. The weapon have a medium range.

This card have a 25 seconds charge time.


When active, at the next death of Nautica her body will become a small pool of water. Allies standing in the pool will get healed.

This card have a charge time of 10 seconds.


Manifests a giant flying whale that flies away from Nautica, leaving a trail of healing waters. This card has a 25 seconds draw time.

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