Ray is a playable Eternal in The Amazing Eternals. He is a Combat Engineer. 

His role is area-denial and control. He accomplishes this with multiple deployable turrets and support stations and weapons like the Stasis Ray. His jetpack lets him dictate encounters with the ability approach from unexpected angles and quickly escape a bad situation. In a pinch he can use his welder to burn enemies in melee range, or fix up, and even upgrade, an ailing deployable. 

In combat he is not a slouch, however. His basic pistol is weak but his mobility can frustrate opponents. Later he gains access to some very powerful, and very quickly overheating, weapons that can take down even Bristle with only 5-6 shots. 

About Edit

Mission Specialist Raymond Windstone: Astronaut. Mechanic. Nozzle enthusiast.

Four-time "Action Science" Magazine"s Man of the Year, Ray is a man out of time. Pulled from his reality by mysterious forces and facing danger on the fringes of known space his wit and mechanical skills keep him alive... and looking good doing it.

Ray, Combat Engineer supports ally positions with a Pulse Turret, putting additional pressure on enemy forces or just causing a clever distraction.

Concept Art Edit

Amazing Eternals character art 4